Jim McKee


We have been selling Real Estate for over 20 years, and here is what some past clients have had to say about Jim, and his team.

Ed and Annette Black

"I have known Jim McKee for over 12 years. I met him when we bought our first house in 1984 and we listed with Jim five years later. It sold in three days. Jim helped find our second home and we have been here for six years. Again, we called on Jim. Now, we are building our first home and will stay here about ten years; we will call on Jim again."

Jake and Marie Flint

"Jim went out of his way in all aspects to help us purchase our home. He was not only very courteous and friendly, he was also very professional and displayed a high degree of knowledge with regard to real estate."

David M. D'Onofrio

"Jim frequently cut into his personal time to arrange and show property around our schedule. He was not pushy and he didn't offer his opinions of the property in such a way that every house was a 'perfect buy' something I really appreciated."

Scott Horner

"Jim handled our calls and messages promptly and politely."

Geri Ann Green

"Jim has a lot of patience! It was not an easy sale."

Richard and Sharon Nacker

"The outstanding way in which Jim handled both transactions couldn't have been better. His long hours of working with us will not be forgotten. We indeed feel a man with his style of salesmanship is a true asset to your firm."

Phil and Karol Thomas

"He is a friend. He works very hard and gives it his all whether it is a $20,000 house or a $250,000 house."